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Location, Location, Location!!​

We offer a variety of locations at this time for your Boudoir shoot.

The Hideaway At the Firefly Ranch and Gardens, is our local location at no additional cost.

Others are in Houston for an affordable fee. When you book be sure to let us know what style you are looking for.   Moody, Bohemian, dark and industrial....etc.   We have several options that are SURE to meet your expectations!


If you are not local to Houston we travel!   (Travel fees may apply)


The Hideaway at Firefly Ranch & Gardens

This space offers a classic, chic design with rustic Charm.  So many options with this Great Space.  Livingston, TX.

Check out their Venue on Facebook.

The Loft Downtown

This space offers a ton of Natural Light.   Additional $100.00 fee to book this location.

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